One of the loveliest cemeteries in our area, the Cayucos-Morro Bay Cemetery District began in 1883 under the auspices of the Odd Fellows Lodge. It became a district cemetery in 1940.
Among the the many graves that were moved to this location from a previous burial ground in Cayucos is that of Elizabeth Oilar, dating from 1850.
Another unusual grave is that of Elisha Packwood is was born in 1773, before the Declaration of Independence. He was buried elsewhere in 1865 and was later moved to this spot.
James Quincy Buffington, a former resident of this area has said that the head of each family made the coffin for each child and then came with the sad burden to do the burial himself.
One of the most dramatic monuments is the large angel, sculpted by hand in Italy.
The Cayucos Morro Bay cemetery is a beautiful, well kept local treasure that many enjoy walking through and spending time at.

​We welcome you to stop by, visit and see the history of times past.