Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations of the Cayucos-Morro Bay Cemetery District

Manager to Enforce all Rules:

The Manager is hereby empowered to enforce all rules and regulations and to exclude from the property of the Cemetery any persons violating the same. The Manager and his assistants at all times have the supervision and control of all persons in the Cemetery, including the conduct of funerals, traffic, plot owners and visitors.

Notification of Funeral services, etc.

The Cemetery shall be notified of any funerals twenty four (24) hours in advance. Funeral services at the Cemetery may be cancelled by the Manager at any time due to circumstances beyond the control of the Cemetery. All charges for a funeral must be paid in full prior to held services. Under no circumstances is a casket to be opened by anyone once it has entered Cemetery property, no exceptions.

Vaults and Concrete Liners

It will be required that vaults (cement or poly) or concrete liners be used for all burials, except for cremations.

Repurchase of Grave Plots

All plots wishing to be sold must be sold back to the Cemetery District. They will be given back 100% of the original purchase price or $200.00, whichever is more.Endowment care paid on the plot is non-refundable. Cemetery will at all times control the buying and selling of plots, or transfers within immediate family. You are purchasing the right to use the plot indefinitely, not ownership of property.


No internments or disinterment’s on Saturdays, Sundays, or official County Holidays.

Flowers (real and artificial)

All artificial flowers will be removed the 1st of every month and placed outside the maintenance shop. All real flowers will be removed weekly. No more than two floral arrangements per grave and must be in proper containers, no glass, rocks, etc. that could cause damage to mowing and trimming equipment. In the section your loved one is buried, the lawn will be mowed on_________. Please place flowers that evening or the following day to ensure they remain undisturbed the entire week.
*Note: All artificial flowers will remain on gravesites during the winter months, Nov. 15 thru March 15 due to lower mowing maintenance.

Grave Markers

No grave markers shall have letters, numerals, emblems, decorations that extend more than 1/8” above the base of the marker. All markers are set in concrete by the Cemetery.
Please check with the Cemetery prior to ordering a marker regarding size regulations.
No toxic sprays, such as Round-Up, are to be used around headstones. If there is a problem, please contact the grounds crew or the Manager.

Requirements for Purchasing Cemetery Plots

You must reside in the district boundaries, meaning a property owner or a renter for at least one year. The only exceptions are if immediate family already owns plots within the Cemetery (Health and Safety Code 8961). A non-resident fee will be charged.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice.

Questions: Call (805 995-3898) or come by Monday thru Friday, 8: AM to 4:30PM

PASSED, APPROVED AND EDITED by the Board of Trustees of the Cayucos-Morro Bay Cemetery District in regular meeting held at its regular place of meeting the 14th day of August, 2012.